Cattery Shows and Awards


Through thirteen years of breeding and showing Myingyan Gems has obtained all the highest awards and titles in the international competition for it's birmans and the first place in the AFA (Fife) Birman Cattery Ranking from 1996 without interruptions until 2001 and then again in 2003 Our cats have achieved the highest scores in annual rankings too.


Here our tribute and respect to our Fife American Champions
(highest title overseas within Fife)

FAC Myingyan Gems Pocahontas

FAC S* Golden Crest Imperial av Myingyan Gems

FAC Myingyan Gems Sigfrid

FAC Myingyan Gems Triana

FAC Myingyan Gems Leonella

Our Grand International Champion of Beauty

GIC Myingyan Gems Resurrection

And to our Junior Winners as well

IC Myingyan Gems Vanilla Boy JW

Myingyan Gems Phoebe de Mah Yongg JW


Since 2004 Myingyan Gems is showing within CFA and has already obtained some championship titles for its birmans.

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