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We didn't decide to breed birmans. Somehow these beauties came into our lives and lovingly took their place in and in our hearts too, making incredible changes and fulfilling every single day with love and pride since then

Our first birman was given to me as a gift instead of a jewel. I didn't know then was that I had received a jewel, a true feline jewel.

Thirteen years have gone by since that moment. Our lives have changed and my children have grown up becoming adults. My cute babies running across the show halls as many of other exhibitors remember them are all grown up

My life had experienced enormous changes too: Movings, deep transformations, and challenges. My second marriage is making me a Florida, USA resident, but my passion for breeding and showing has come together with me in the same way as it has been following me wherever I have gone in these past years.

Here my deepest gratitude to my family and to all who have helped to make Myingyan Gems Birmans.

"Mamá "La Aba" began looking after some of our cats. Then she found her own way by the side of our babies in the nursery. Now she not only is our Marketing and Sales Manager, but the person in charged of our whole base in Argentina. She is a very important person to Myingyan Gems as well. Without her support Myingyan could have never become what it is today. Thanks to her and to my father as well for the great contribution they both have made, for their patience and tolerance and for the love shown to our birmans too. Myingyan would have never have fulfilled the dream of breeding and showing in the USA without their help.
We are deeply grateful for it!


My son Santiago is our Operation Manager. He feeds, helps with almost everything, he takes and brings heavy stuff as cat food or cat litter, he puts loaded carriers into the car. He is in charge of rescue and emergency tasks like going through the park to he cattery's headquarters under the heavy rain... When he was a little boy he used to come to cat shows with me and his sister too. Now he has restarted the presence of Myingyan Gems at the Argentinean shows as a new exhibitor. He travels frequently between Argentina and USA transporting cats. Whenever he spends time with us in Florida, he helps a lot cleaning the cattery always offering a helping hand, filling paperwork and doing chores. He is my unconditional helper, Thanks Santi!

My daughter Fátima is our Human Resources Manager. She specializes in petting, hugging, kissing, and squeezing. She does a wonderful job and her target is so important that apparently it deserves her full time dedication. Fátima is not available for any other activity in our cattery...

He supported my idea and my dream of breeding and showing in the US since the day we met. He loved me, loves me and loves everything that has to do with me, my kids, my cats, Myingyan Gems and my dreams. Saying thank you doesn’t even begin to describe how grateful I am and how much I love him too.

You are the light of my days Honey Bunny and I adore you too!


They are our employees in Argentina. They do the cleaning chores, and give lots of loving, sincerely caring for our birmans too. We do appreciate a lot your responsibility and your commitment. It’s great to know we can count on you. Thanks!

My brother and sister in law together with Sancay Corporation were the developers of our first website which helped us to show Myingyan Gems to the world. Thanks you for so much work and dedication too!



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