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Throughout thirteen years the love for our birmans and for cats in general has helped us to make a lot of friends with identical passion, love and dedication for them. Some are dearest friends, very close to our hearts others are just companions, breeders and exhibitors in the cat fancy world. However all of them deserve our respect and recognition for their love for felines. To all of them, old and new, sharers of the same passion, here our tribute in a few images.

Rejoice and be glad… (Mathew 5:12)

What can anyone say about teachers who leave their imprints on their pupils, who are inspirational, who open doors to the future, who bring encouragement, light, example and guidance? There are not suitable words to describe them. Mrs Adriana V de Bava, owner of Shuhai Sinh Birmans, Fife International Judge Cat.I & IV and Fife National Official Judge Cat. II (birman specialist) is a teacher with capital letters and was my inspiration and my godmother in the cat fancy. Myingyan Gems is somehow her child, her sprout, which grew up a lot and has it’s own life now, but as a good and thankful son, always recognizes and honors it’s origins.

It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master,
and the servant as his lord.(Mathew 10:25)

Thanks Maestruli!


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