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Toledo was my buddy and my comfort, sleeping every night with me when for the first time I was apart from my birmans on late 2002 and early 2003. Back then I realized I didn’t want to spend one single day of the rest of my life without my birmans.

Totus Tuus Toledo!

Everybody at Myingyan Gems salutes you! 
We honor your feline dignity

Free, loving, independent, fascinating, naughty, sweet... so feline….
The world is yours and yours are all of us who love you too!

Thanks Tole

My buddy, my teddy bear…. I miss you a lot but I know you’re very well taken care!


IC. Shuhai Sinh Master Piece de Myingyan Gems and Ch. Akyab Maia de Myingyan Gems

Our founding couple... Today, neutered and spayed they enjoy a retired life living in safe freedom in a large property with a beautiful garden and sight. This is our tribute to our dean couple, nothing else and nothing less than the Myingyan ancestors, of whom we are very proud.

In 1996 "Baltu" became the guardian of our facilities in Argentina and he keeps on looking after them as long as his size allows him to do so...

Myingyan Gems joining efforts with some of our neighbors living in our country club in Chascomús, Argentina where our original cattery is located, feeds and takes care of a group of alley cats that lives on the surroundings, most of them who have already been captured by local parishioners and taken to be neutered or spayed by vets in the nearest town These cats have a wild temperament. We try to do our best helping them to survive within their own habitat

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