The Birman Breed - Review


The Birman Breed

This breed reached Argentina during the 1980’s. Brought by Manuel Cedrés Rodriguez from Brazil and Germany, the birmans were definitely established by the sole work of Mrs. Adriana Bava after Rodriguez’s death.

Some years later, around 1990, Architect Nestor Quatrini who had been living in England brought to his homeland, Argentina, IC. Nighteyes Luna Azul sired by UK GR. CH. Mockorange Big Boy. This queen gave origin to the British lines in our country.



Myingyan Gems began its work around 1993, making outstanding imports from England, USA and Sweden, combining the existing blood lines with the ones brought from abroad.


Founding male, excellent stud regarding  quality and quantity,
father of fathers at Myingyan Gems Birmans

The breed made a remarkable evolution, developing wonderful pale coats, deep points, beautiful deep blue eyes and quite even markings as well.

Myingyan Gems has achieved the highest awards in competition defining it’s own style of birmans and turning into reality the dream of breeding and showing in the United States in 2004.

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