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I recently had the privilege to adopt a kitten from Myingyan Gem Birmans.  I couldn't be happier!   Before Sanders was old enough to leave home, Sandra kept in regular contact telling us how our little boy was growing, sending pictures and sharing her knowledge and expertise on the Birman breed.  She was always available to answer my many questions.
Finally the big day arrived for Sanders to fly to his new home.  It was a long day for him and yet the minute his carrier was opened, he walked out purring, gave me a kiss and curled up in my arms.  It was love at first sight!  I was so impressed that a young kitten could endure such a day and still remain calm and unfazed by it all, a true testament to Myingyan Gems sound temperaments!  Not only is this boy absolutely gorgeous, but he has the sweetest and most loving personality!  Sandra promised that I would be happy with my new boy, but that is an understatement.......................I am ecstatic!!!  He is everything she said he was and more!  Not only is Sanders a real "Gem", but his breeder is as well!
Vicki Browne
Ontario,  Canada

My husband and I had a good experience with Myingyan Gems.  Sandra was very informative and sent pictures on a regular basis.  As a new breeder it was nice to work with someone that was willing to work with me and give me information about starting to breed.  Everything was sent to me in a timely manner.  Thank you so much Sandra.

Doug and Nicole Piparo
Oshkosh Birmans

(About Myingyan Gems Castor)

He is doing wonderfully.  He is growing "like a weed!" as we say.  He is such a joy.  Did you know that he says thanks for his food when given to him?  Before he eats his wet food, he will rub against my legs, and look up at me and say thank you, and then eat.  He does it every time.  His vocabulary is amazing.  We have figured out what each sound means, from "where are you" to" "I'm hungry" and "I would like to play now."  We cannot tell you how happy we are.  He plays with such wonderful abandon!  He jumps and runs from one end of the condo to the other - just takes off sometimes - we just have to look at each other an laugh.  He has started to get so serious about his games that he scares himself sometimes.  His imagination is that good now.  He is intelligent, intuitive and such a loving being.  He sleeps with me most of the night now, usually curled around my hand or tucked close to me.  What is really good is that he also really cares for Denmark; although I am the "Mama", he goes to Denmark and wants attention from him, as well.  That is really important to me. 

I have been telling others about how I think that you have bred a wonderful line of great Birmans.  It is easy to see the good breeding in your cats, Sandra, otherwise Castor would not be as he is.  He has filled the huge hole in my heart that was left by the loss of my Rodney, and that could have been filled by just anyone, it had to be a very special "person", and you bred just the right one for that .  I cannot thank you enough. 

Bonnie Rushing

(About Myingyan Gems Chael)

He is a delight. The other cats are coming around. He chases Jim who has decided he is a danger to his well being. It is pretty funny to see a three lb kitten chase an 11lb seal point. He has been on top of almost everything. The vet says he is not an angel and suggested we change the name. He is close to knowing his name. What a joy.  Jan

Thought you might like an update on that charming kitten Chael (inappropriate name). He has been such a joy to us. We have laughed at that kitten and of course tried to repair his damage. He is getting along with the brothers grim-the alpha male Al -would prefer young children mind their own business.  Chael still eats everything that’s not nailed down but has a decent weight. We love him so much, even though this week he has unwound the toilet paper twice, emptied all the kleenex boxes and the q-tips. He has been on top of the ladder, under anything up an inch from the floor and can hide so no one will find him. He's like the youngest child, he can do anything he wants we just love him. Unfortunately he has no manners, he will follow a mouthful of cheerios into your mouth if you aren't careful but he is learning to walk on the leash. Thanks for bringing us such joy. 

Jan Tapprich

"Thank you for cross-country shipping a very healthy and well adjusted blue point girl Birman. Snoozer was captivated by her immediately. She is everything you said she was. Your competence and professional manner really helped us get Josephine in time for Christmas. "

Dr. Peller Marion

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