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The gems of Myingyan, which was a region in Burma where gemstones were obtained, our genuine jewels born in a cattery, true treasures that show perfection, balance, beauty, harmony, nobility and authenticity: birman cats carefully bred with love, care, attention, respect and pride are only available for genuine cat lovers.

One of the most important goals that Myingyan had been able to achieve is its own hallmark seal that can be seen when cats are shown for competition: the innocent and lovely expression of the faces plus the deep blue angel looking eyes, combined with almost smiling faces, with well placed and set apart rather little ears and short facial profiles. Myingyan has obtained several “Best in Show” prizes and many other awards in every category and every color variety, getting for its cats the highest certificates in international competition extended by AFA on behalf of Fife (Federation International Feline).

The high quality of the Myingyan Gem's cats has been recognized not only by Fife judges, but by international ones that were invited from CFA and TICA as well.

The outstanding quality of our birmans was awarded several times and recognized with the AFA (Fife) Best Birman Cattery Title from 1996 to 2003 with an only one exception in 2002.

During 2002 Myingyan Gems made a big sacrifice canceling it’s show schedule to explore the situation in the USA

Finally in 2004 Myingyan Gems opened a new branch in South Florida, USA. Today, completely established Myingyan Gems has started to breed and show with good results as well.

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