Advises and Owner´s Manual for our Birman Cats


Here you’ll find tips and advices to make your kitty’s life better and happier.


Proper nutrition is essential for good health and long life for every creature. The young cat is particularly susceptible to nutritional imbalances and feeding errors, and dietary habits established after weaning in many ways determine the future health status of a cat. Therefore the pet owners must be aware of the unique nutritional requirements found in the cat. Myingyan Gems babies eat super premium cat food as Royal Canin, Iam’s Eukanuba or Nutro.

Cats, despite thousands of years of domestication, remain strictly carnivorous. They are incapable of digesting and receiving nutrition from the majority of vegetable proteins. There are no and can be no vegetarian cats. Cats in the wild devour the whole of their prey: muscles, organs, viscera, bones, offal, skin, etc. In this manner, cats ingest not only the flesh and organs of their prey but also the partially and wholly digested vegetable foods the prey had eaten. The cat then is able to derive nutrition from various vegetable sources thanks to the prey's digestive processes.

Particularly significant are the differences in nutritional requirements between dogs and cats, such as the higher requirement for protein and the greater tolerance for fat in cats when compared to dogs. Besides cats need taurine as a very important nutrient for them.

The major brands have food formulated for kittens, mature or pregnant cats, but all of them must include some important nutrients. You should change the food as you cat matures.

Cats have evolved to get their energy from proteins - they contain the building blocks called amino acids, which help the body rebuild tissue and perform important functions. The fats provide a good source of concentrated energy for your pet as well as unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential. The minerals are important for regulating functions of the body of the cats. Those are the macrominerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and the microminerals - copper, manganese, iron, iodine. The vitamins are two groups: fat-soluble - vitamins A, D, E and K, and water-soluble - thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12. Both groups regulate and promote several physiological processes in the body.

Myingyan Gems cats should always have dry food available ad libitum” this is to say ALWAYS THRERE ON THEIR BOWLS. However cats eats mainly because of food’s smell so if food stays for a long period of time in the bowl it could loose part of its smell. Don’t throw it away, just mix the food left with the one on the bag (never take dry food from its original bag) an take out a new serving.

Cats should always have FRESH WATER available.
Once in while or once daily you can feed you cat with canned food. Canned food contains about 68 - 70% moisture. Most cats find this type the tastiest, because it has about 70% water content. Never feed your cat chocolate, alcohol, onions, pork (including bacon), raw fish, raw eggs or bones. Each of these has its own ill effects on cats.
Feline fasting can be dangerous, and can even lead to serious liver problems. If your cat refuses to eat for more than two days, consult your veterinarian. If a Myingyan gems does not eat for a whole day consult a vet immediately.

Do not give your cat her hairball remedy around mealtimes. Many hairball remedies and treats contain mineral oil or petroleum jelly -- both of which will leach out the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K from the intestines.
Feral cats, (i.e. cats that roam free in the wild), eat grass almost daily and most domesticated cats, if given the opportunity, will eat grass and certain plants. That’s why the cat owners can safely encourage this habit by providing sources of green vegetation.

Milk is a food, not a drink (the only cat drink is water). Unfortunately, a large percentage of cats lose the ability to digest milk, as they grow older. I strongly recommend not giving milk to Myingyan babies. Doing so may cause severe diarrhea.

Provide variety in the form of different flavors and textures. Make changes to a pet's food gradually by mixing a bit of the new food in with the old over the course of three to five days.

Feed your cat in a quiet area of the house, where she is unlikely to be disturbed. Cats feel vulnerable while they're eating and appreciate the peace and quiet.

Get your cat some ceramic or stainless steel bowls. Plastic food and water dishes harbor bacteria, even after they have been washed. In addition, some cats develop allergies to plastic and can end up with pimples on their chin.

An older cat will really appreciate it if you raise her food and water dishes off the floor a few inches. Many pet supply stores sell low racks for pet dishes. They make things much easier on your cat's neck and back.

Observe your pet after you introduce new foods. A change in coat, scratching, appetite, weight, mood, stools or other areas could suggest a problem. Consult your veterinarian for dietary recommendations.

Buying Cat Furniture  

Giving your Myingyan Gems baby a scratching post and clipping its nails regularly is a smart choice that will keep your cat happy and your furniture undamaged.

Some cats adore cardboard stands. Such small stands of rectangular form cost cheaper (especially in comparing with the leather arm-chair!) and are widely accessible. You may order them by post or buy at the shops for pets.

Cat trees offer a wide range of models and varieties your baby will love
Carpet and sisal covering are classic options and cats like them and enjoy them for many years.


To prevent your cat from getting infections that are passed either through the air or via contact, you will need to keep it's annual boosters up to date. This won't necessarily prevent your cat from catching something, however the symptoms will be much milder and will not be life threatening as they are in unvaccinated cats.



Your Myingyan cats should be wormed once a year previous annual vaccinations. Follow your vet’s instructions and schedule




If your cat displays any of the following symptoms, please take your cat in promptly to your veterinary surgeon to be examined. What you think may be a minor problem could actually be hiding something very serious!
Loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, lethargy and dull coat, bad breath, blood in stools or urine, eating difficulties, dehydration, weeping eyes, coughing/sneezing
Yellow or Brown teeth: If a cat has a tartar build up, it will stain the teeth and will irritate the gums. If left untreated it may cause bleeding gums, bad breath, drooling, or may leave your cat with an inability to eat. If your cat's main diet consists of dry cat food, you are less likely to have a cat with teeth problems.
Just because your cat lives indoors, it doesn't mean that your cat couldn’t get fleas. Flea symptoms include continual scratching and quite possibly hair loss. The best way to avoid this from happening is to take your cat to the vets and get either a Frontline or Program treatment.

If your cat has constant diarrhea, you will need to have him or her examined by your vet. There are many underlying causes of diarrhea and these include bacterial infections, viral infections, incorrect diets, dairy products etc.
It's very easy to tell when your cat has an eye infection. The eyes will weep or will not open fully. Your cat may also try and scratch at them. If your cat has these symptoms, it really needs to be examined by your vet as soon as possible.
If your cat has an ear infection, you may see a build up of wax or gunk in your cat's ear. Your cat will also rub it's ear on the carpet or will scratch at it. The ear will also smell quite bad. It's possible that your cat could have ear mites, or perhaps something lodged in there. This will need to be checked out by your vet who may take samples from inside your cat's ear and prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection. Please don't wait until the situation is bad before visiting your vet as you may damage your cat's hearing for the rest of it's life. The majority of the time, cat's will vomit because they have eaten something they shouldn't have, or because they may have a hairball. It's not uncommon for this to happen occasionally. If however, your cat is vomiting quite often during the day, then you will need to visit your vet to have this looked into.

Litter Boxes :


Cat's toilets are different by their size and depth. In general the bigger the size of the box, the better, especially for a male kitten. You'd be surprised to know how big he may grow. That is why your plans must be considered to that.

Cat's toilets may be of two main kinds: closed and opened ones. I strongly recommend the closed ones. They give cats some privacy.
Regarding the litter material I recommend paper waste, edged cores of corn, wheat peels or woolen peels. All these fillings have the ability to biological decay and you may drain them into the wc pan. They are light and have a good ability to absorption. Most of them have a pleasant smell for cats.

World Best Cat Litter is a great option.


Neutering is routine operation performed by the veterinarian to remove the cat's sex organs. This procedure makes your cat unable to reproduce and stops the production of hormones that are responsible for the cat's sexual behavior. Unless you plan to breed your cat and you have a contract allowing you to do so neutering is one of the most important duties a new cat owner will have to face.

The feline neuter is one of the simplest surgical procedures performed in all of veterinary medicine. The cat is fasted over night so that anesthesia is performed on an empty stomach. The procedure for males cat's is called castration and for females, spaying.

Castration is the surgical removal of the gonads (testicles) in male animals, which removes the source of sperm and also the source of the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Spaying is the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries from the abdomen. Female cats undergo the equivalent of a full hysterectomy. When to do it? According to our contract the procedure must be done when the cat is six months old this is to say before the cat reaches sexual maturity. (See our Contract)

When would they be they completely recovered? It usually doesn't take long. Males are usually backed to normal the day after their operation, while females may take a day or longer.

Why a cat should be neutered?

Following puberty, at approximately 6-8 months old, the male cat develops a number of "undesirable" behavioral changes. He will become territorial and start to mark areas, often in the house, by spraying urine, which will by now have developed a particularly strong, lingering odor which is very difficult to remove. He will start to enlarge his territory by straying ever further from the house, particularly at night. It is for this reason that many cats involved in road traffic accidents are "entire" males.

Neutering also greatly reduces the chances of the cat spraying in the home. Besides being unsanitary, the urine odor and stains are extremely difficult to remove. So neutering reducing stress for the owners and increasing the cat’s chances of being a loved and wanted family member.

Neutering will eliminate heat cycles at females, which usually occur several times a year, and behaviors associated with heats - kneading, howling and restlessness. It will reduce the incidence of urine spraying. The risk of mammary cancer is reduced if a cat is spayed before its first heat. Also spayed cats cannot develop pyometra, a serious uterine infection.

It prevents your cat from getting pregnant. A neutered cat (male or female) will not produce unwanted kittens.

A spayed female is a more attentive and loving pet, because her energy isn't constantly directed toward finding a mate. (Cats are in heat nearly all the time until they become pregnant.) If you spay your cat, you protect her from some cancers and infections and from sexually transmitted infectious diseases.

Neutered females no longer have that irresistible attraction to males, who will urinate in the female's territory to claim ownership of her, fight any other contenders for her affection.

Neutering makes your cat more calm and affectionate. They take more interest in their owners, may become more people oriented unless the cat was not very social with people to begin with. According to statistics, male cats that are neutered tend to live longer than male cats that are not neutered.


Before a gem from Myingyan Gems arrives you need to kitten proof your home. Now on your knees! Put yourself at floor level. Inspect everything and try to think as a kitten… “Yummy cables…nice to chew and play with”…
Here some dangers for your Myingyan Gems jewel.

Drying machines for clothes

Cats adore warm, comfortable places where they can coil up and sleep. Drying machine is one of such places. Keep the doors of drying machine always closed. Before you turn on the machine look into it because many calm sleeping cats have found their early death there.

Household chemical goods

Be careful while choosing such goods. Cats suffer from them very often because they have a habit to clean themselves carefully with the tongues. They walk on the wet floor and then clean their paws with the tongue swallowing the chemical goods you have used while washing the floor.


Antifreeze is a very dangerous poison which is more dangerous because of its sweet attractive taste. Even a little portion of it can be fatal for your cat. If you only suspect that your cat swallowed some antifreeze - run to veterinarian! It's the only chance for the cat. The more safety antifreezes were invented last time. Try to find them and to use such kinds of them.

Unstable furniture

When cats jump up or down the shelf or the table this furniture undergoes the strong force. If the furniture is unstable then your cat is in danger. Examine your furniture! Push on the edge of each piece of the furniture. If it is unstable fix it. The other kinds of danger are the books and magazines which hand over the edge of table. Cat, thinking that they are not dangerous, jumps on them and everything falls down. Bookcases with drawers are also unstable. If the cat jumps on such drawer the whole bookcase can fall and the result will be horrible.

Means for toilet cleaning

Means for toilet cleaning which are in the pour off box are very dangerous for the animals. I never use such means: the toilet which glitters does not cost the health of your pet. Instead of that I clean the toilet in the old way: with the help of toilet brush, some cleaning means, and some physical efforts. Then I close my eyes and pour off the water two or three times. After that I can be sure that the poison vanished.

Windows and balconies

It seems that people think that after falling cats land on the paws because they have some wonderful feeling of fear of height. Nothing of the kind! Every year thousands of cats get serious damages or dies jumping out of the opened window or balcony. Of course, they land on the paws but it doesn't help them after the falling from the twentieth floor. Make the good firm nets on the windows. Even the smallest hole in the net may be great danger for the curious or energetic cat. Never let your pet get out on the balcony. The beast instinct will win the fear of height. Any butterfly or bird can make your cat jump and the result won't be good. It won't help if you watch your cat because something wrong may happen every second. Try to avoid any situations which can kill the cat. Prepare the safe place for your cat near the window where it can sit and look in the street.

Fireplaces and candles

If a new cat or a kitten appears in your house then you have many reasons to set the fireplace screen. First of all, the cat which has any reasons (for example, a very frightened cat) can get into the fireplace. Murphy's regulation says that if you have a white cat then as soon as you've got a white sofa you pet will get into it immediately. Second, the ashes are the beautiful alternative to the cat toilet. As soon as you light the fire you will get the new unusual feelings. Third, the warm ashes can look like an attractive place where it can coil up and sleep. It can cause the paw burn or even something worse. And at last for some cats, fire influences hypnotizing. Place a stable screen in front of your fireplace.

Poisoned balls against moth

Oh, it is so funny! They roll and make so much noise while passing by. Their size coincides with the size of cat's jaws. What cat can resist such attractiveness? Only some of them can resist it and it's a very serious problem. These balls are poisoned. Keep them far away from your cat!

Dangers in the kitchen

Cats lick and eat everything that is tasty to them. If you leave the knife on the kitchen table with the help of which you have just cut a meat, perhaps, your cat will lick its razor and can damage the tongue. The same is about the razor of kitchen machine. If you leave the blast whips made of steel wire with the help of which you cleaned frying pan in the kitchen sink then don't be surprised if you find it gnawed round. Carefully clean the knives after using and keep iron whips in the cupboard. In general, take all the precautionary measures!


Bones of chicken, fish, pork, turkey and, in general, all bones which are not big and which can be easily gnawed will attract your cat. Such a small bone can stick in the intestines if the cat swallows it and it can cause the inner illnesses. Throw the bones only into trash-can which is closed to your cat.

Ropes, threads, ribbons and yarn

Ropes are the beautiful toys when you pull them on the floor while playing with your pets. But if they swallow them, they immediately become very dangerous. Especially it concerns the cases when your cat swallows the thread with the needle. But even if there is no needle a piece of rope, yarn or thread can stick in the intestines and cause ache, damages of the intestines or even death. When you leave home, put all these things away. If you find the end of rope handing out from front or back of your cat don't pull it out! If it is tangled in your cat's organs you may damage them trying to pull it out. Instead of this immediately take your cat to veterinary….and I’ve said immediately!!!

Thumbtacks and pins

Cats like things they can run after. Thumbtacks, especially with plastic heads are the wonderful toys for cat. The cat pushes them with the paws and then rushes on them. The potential danger is clear. Put the thumbtacks always away! Close your box with sewing articles. Of course, put away all the tools.


Never give your cat the medicines for people if your veterinary has not advised them to you. Acetaminophen which is contained in the Tylenol and some other medicines which contain aspirin may be fatal for the cats. Ibuprofen which is contained in some medicines is also poisonous for cats. Aspirin is dangerous for them too. Be careful and remember: pills may kill. Such precautions are also connected with the prescribed medicines. Cats like to run after the pills or tablets very much but these actions may be fatal. Bottles with medicines must be closed and kept in the safe place.


If you bang with the door closing it after you may kill your little kitten or cripple the adult cat. Look behind you every time you close the door and close it carefully.


Try to fold up and out your sofa carefully. If you do it too fast you may cripple the cat which sleeps under the sheets or sofa. Before you fold the sofa up carefully examine it one or two times if you can't find your cat.

Gas or electric stoves

Stoves may easily cause burns of the soft cat's paws. Never let your cat jump on the stoves or kitchen tables and use the protection covers for stoves. All this will help you to prevent the burns of cat's paws. Put the kettle on the back part of stove to prevent the burn with the hot steam.

Dangerous plants

There are many plants which can poison cats with different degrees. Here are some of the most spread of them: amaryllis, azalea, cactus, Christmas rose, haw's corollas, whitefly, caladium, clematis, boxtree, daffodil, diphenbaccia, foxglove, ilex, hydrangea, iris, lily- of- the- valley, mistletoe, purple bindweed, nettle, philodendron, spurge-laurel, magnolia, glycin, yewtree. And it is not the complete list. If you suspect that your cat feels sick because it has eaten some plant then take your cat and example of the plant and run to the veterinary. Some plants are very dangerous the other are not very poisoned but let your veterinary decide.

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